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Bylaws of the Two Rivers Golf Association

Effective January 1, 2013

Approved by Membership Majority Vote October 26, 2013

Article 1 -- Name

     This organization will be known as the Two Rivers Golf Association (TRGA).  This name was adopted during the inaugural membership meeting held January 12, 1991.

 Article 2 -- Purpose

 The purpose of the Two Rivers Golf Association is to create tournament activities which will encourage all members to participate, to conduct each golf competition in a fun and fair manner through consistent application of USGA rules and the GHIN system of handicaps, and to stimulate interest in golf at the Two Rivers Golf Course by bringing together a group of players desirous of forming a "playing" golf association.

 Article 3 -- Organization

       The Two Rivers Golf Association shall be the governing body in local golfing affairs pertaining to events conducted by the Association.  It shall be composed of representative, legislative, and executive body with individual male and female golfers.

TRGA is and will continue to be a member of the Tennessee Golf Association.

TRGA will be conducted as a not-for-profit organization.

 Article 4 -- Membership and Dues

 Section A

       Individuals who wish to participate in TRGA conducted golfing events shall submit dues and an application for full membership to the Two Rivers Golf Association.  TRGA membership is limited to 230 paid members plus current Board members. Membership applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors who may approve or reject any membership application by a majority vote of the Board members present. A rejection may be appealed to the Board by the applicant.

 Section B

       The Board of Directors will determine dues for the ensuing tournament season during the October meeting.  Dues may be increased/decreased by a majority vote of the Board.  Dues currently stand at $55 per person.

Dues will include handicap services and all playing privileges.

 Section C

          TRGA membership and GHIN handicap services are on a calendar-year basis.  Effective December 31 of each year, all members will be designated as “inactive” in TRGA and GHIN records.  Each member will be activated upon receipt of an annual membership application and payment of applicable dues.  Renewing members will have until February 1 to renew their membership at which time new members will be allowed to join up to the maximum of 230 members.

 Section D

        Dues and applications for new members will be accepted throughout the season beginning February 2, until the Association membership roster has reached 230 members.  In the event that the membership has reached the 230-member cap, any new applicants will be place on a waiting list.  As space becomes available, applicants will be notified.

 Section E

       To be considered a "Member in Good Standing", a member must: have paid his/her dues for the current season, have paid all appropriate tournament entry fees, as well as any fines assessed by the Board of Directors, and not be in a "suspended" status as determined by the Board of Directors.

 Section F

       Any member who shall commit an act which reflects discredit or disrepute upon the TRGA, or any member who refuses or neglects to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors, or any duly constituted official of the Board, shall be subject to suspension or expulsion after ten days written notice and right to be heard, by a majority vote of the Board members present.

 Section G

       Only full members in good standing shall be eligible to compete in TRGA events, with the exception being any member-guest tournament.

 Article 5 -- Board of Directors

 Section A

       The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members in good standing, as defined in Article 4, Section E.  They shall exercise all powers of management of the TRGA not specifically excepted by these Bylaws.

Section B

 The Board of Directors shall be constituted as follows: 

Executive Board (4)

Directors (3)



Vice President








 Section C

       The Board of Directors shall meet at such places and times as they may elect, and a simple majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum.

 Section D

       The Board of Directors shall be elected during the Annual Membership meeting as defined in Article 6.  Following his or her election to office, each director should work with the respective outgoing director for the months of October and November before taking office on December 1.  The term of office will run for two years beginning December 1.

 Section E

       The Officer Compensation Plan is as follows:

      ·      Members who are elected or appointed to serve in the following offices and meet certain qualifications will be compensated by this Plan:

      ·         President

·         Vice President

·         Secretary

·         Treasurer

·         Tournament Director

·         Handicap Director

·         Rules Director

·          The Treasurer of the Association will pay the Association dues for the season(s) of service.

·          The Treasury of the Association will pay entry fees for any regularly scheduled competition the Officer chooses to play in during the season(s) of service.

·          Each officer will be compensated based on service and performing his or her duties as identified in Article 7

Article 6 -- Meetings and Elections

 Section A -- Membership Meetings

       The Association shall hold at least one membership meeting each year.  The Annual Membership (election of new officers) meeting will be held within two months following the Club Championship.

 Section B

       In even numbered years, a new Board of Directors must be elected during the Annual Membership meeting.

 Section C

       Any vacant or appointed position on the Board of Directors at the time of the Annual Membership meeting must be filled by election held during the meeting.

 Section D -- Voting

       Members present at meetings of the Association shall be entitled to voice and vote for each elected office.

 Section E -- Procedure at Meetings

       The order of business at all regular membership meetings shall be structured according to established parliamentary procedures.

 Article 7 -- Duties of the Board of Directors

 Section A

       The Board of Directors shall have and exercise all the power granted to it by the Bylaws.

 Section B

       The Secretary, in the form of minutes shall report the official acts of the Board of Directors.  The Secretary shall post a copy of the official acts on the TRGA bulletin Board inside the Two Rivers Golf Course Clubhouse.

 Section C

       All withdrawals of funds in the name of TRGA shall carry the signatures of two authorized officers.  The board of Directors shall designate those who are authorized to sign for withdrawals.

 Section D

       Any expenditure of funds in excess of $50 that are not directly related to the day-to-day operation of the TRGA must be approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors present.

 Section E

       The Board of Directors shall provide ways and means of defraying the expenses of the Association.

 Section F -- Duties of the Officers


·          Schedule and preside at all meetings of the Association and Board of Directors

·          Appoint interim officers to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors until a General Membership meeting is held to fill the vacancy by election

·          Act as liaison with Golf Course Management and Parks Management

·          Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Board

·          Assign duties to Committees as necessary to maintain the day-to-day operation of the Association

·          Serve on all committees as needed

 Vice President

·          The Vice President in the absence of the President, shall perform the duties of that office

·          Serve on committees as needed

·          Serve as Committee Chair for TRGA’s Web Page


·          Maintain a membership roster in both paper and electronic format which includes a status of paid and unpaid dues per member, current address and telephone numbers

·          Record and report the official acts of the Board of Directors at each meeting of the Association

·          Maintain the current TRGA Bylaws

·          Maintain records of all official acts of the Association and Board of Directors in appropriate form

·          Serve on committees as needed

·          Provide scores and tournament results provided by the Tournament Committee to the newspaper for each TRGA event.

·          Help prepare and distribute the annual announcement and application for current and new members.

·          Post tournament results on TRGA Web Page

·          Post news worthy events on TRGA Web Page.

·          Maintain TRGA's bulletin board.


·          Receive, deposit and record all dues or other funds paid to or donated to the Association

·          Provide a record of dues paid by member directly to the Secretary

·          Within seven days of receiving funds, shall deposit them into the treasury, an account set up in the name of the Two Rivers Golf Association

·          Verify that all withdrawals in the name of the Association carry the signature of two authorized officers

·          Keep a correct account of all earnings, receipts, and disbursements, and at each meeting, submit a verbal report in detail including a summary of each category or receipts and disbursements

·          Post a copy of the reconciled bank statement on the TRGA bulletin board inside the Two Rivers Golf Course Clubhouse

 Handicap Director

·          Establish and identify members of a handicap committee based on USGA system of handicapping

·          Educate and inform all members of their individual responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the USGA handicap system

·          Establish and maintain a system for penalties for unreported scores with the help of the Handicap Committee

·          Obtain GHIN and Local Association numbers for each new member

·          Using USGA software, support the Tournament Director with pairings and tournament results

·          Serve on committees as needed

 Rules Director

·          Provide a rule sheet at each TRGA Tournament with rules of play, tournament format and any special conditions

·          Prepare the course for all competitions

·          Establish and chair a Rules Committee for Tournaments

·          Maintain all publications of USGA Rules and Decisions

·          Serve on committees as needed

 Tournament Director

·          Establish and maintain a system for securing tee-times for all tournaments that is fair and equitable

·          Collect tournament fees on tournament days

·          Help prepare tournament pairings for all tournaments the Wednesday preceding the tournament after the sign up deadline with the help of the Tournament Committee

·          Verify all tournament score cards

·          Post final results for all events on the score board

·          Serve on committees as needed

 Article 8 -- Tournaments

 Section A -- Tournament Schedule

        The Association conducts regular events on a bimonthly basis, generally on the first Saturday and the third Sunday of each month, from March through November.  These dates are subject to change.  The final decision remains in the control of the Tournament Committee and Board of Directors.

        By unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, the second tournament of July, regardless of format, will hereby be named in honor of former TRGA President, Don Ellenberg.

        By unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, the first tournament of August, regardless of format, will hereby be named in honor of former TRGA President, Roy Counce.

 Section B -- Tournament Sites

       All Association events are to be played at the Two Rivers Golf Course, Nashville, Tennessee unless the course is deemed unplayable by a majority vote of the Board members present.  This golf course is owned and operated by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Board of Parks and Recreation.

 Section C -- Entry Fees

      The tournament entry fee for all regular events, except the Club Championship, is $20 per person.  This fee is to be paid to the Tournament Committee on the day of the Tournament upon arrival at the Check-In-Table. This entry fee does not include green fees or cart rental fees.  Effective January 1, 2013, all side games (skats, closest-to-the-pin, hole-in-one, etc.) are included in the tournament entry fee.

 Section D -- Entry Deadline

       The signup deadline for any regular event is 5:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to each tournament.  You are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to avoid being placed on a "waiting list".  When signing up for a tournament, please fill in all requested information.

 Section E -- Start Times

       All tournaments will begin between 7 and 9 AM.  Tournament parings are prepared on Wednesdays prior to the tournaments.  Tee times will be posted by Thursday morning on TRGA's web site.

Metro's tee time policy [intentionally left blank]

 Section F -- Check-in

       All players must present themselves at the tournament check-in table no later than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tee-time.  All entry fees must be paid at this time. Once all players in a group have checked in, the official scorecard(s) will be given out to one player in the group.

 Section G -- Cancellation Policy

       Once a player's name has been placed on the Official Tournament Sign-up list, he or she is considered to be "signed-up" to play.  If the player is unable to play in the event, he or she must cancel at least 24 hours prior to the first tournament tee time.   If the player fails to cancel prior to this deadline, he or she is still liable for the no-show fees, and will be assessed $ one-half of the current tournament fee. This fee must be paid before the player is allowed to play in any future events.  Players will be notified by appropriate means.

     The Tournament Committee has the authority to waive any no-show assessment for individuals that were unable to play due to events beyond their control.

 Section H -- Rules

       All competitions will be conducted in strict conformity with the USGA Rules of Golf except as provided on the Tournament Rule Sheet, which will include local rules.  The Rules Committee will be the decision making body for any suspected rules infraction.

       The Tournament Rule Sheet will also stipulate the tees being played for the respective event.  Unless stated otherwise, men will play the white tees, senior men (65 years or older) may play the gold tees, and women the red tees.


        Each tournament requiring flights will consist of no more than 4 similarly-sized flights to be determined using the current GHIN Handicap index of all tournament players at signup deadline.  Any players added to a tournament after the signup deadline will be added to the appropriate flight without re-flighting the entire tournament field.


 Section I -- Prize Payoff Policy

       Since its inception, the TRGA has been consistent to its purpose of fairness in following this policy.  The payoff during regular scheduled events has always provided prizes to at least 25% of the tournament field.

        All tournament winnings, including skats, closest-to-the-pin, and other “side games” will be paid in gift certificates (source and amounts to be determined by the Board).

        All places will be determined using USGA's tiebreaker method unless stated otherwise.

 Section J -- Rainout Policy

      All TRGA competitions will be completed as scheduled unless the course becomes unfit for play.  In the event that the course becomes unplayable and the Tournament Committee decides that the competition can not be completed during the scheduled day, the tournament will be cancelled and all moneys will be returned to the competitors.

 Article 9 -- Club Championship

 Section A -- Tournament Date

       The Association will conduct its annual Club Championshipthe weekend of the third Saturday of September.  The dates of the actual event are subject to change.  The final decision remains in the control of the Board of Directors.   The Board will make a final decision as soon as Two Rivers Golf Course and Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County confirm TRGA's tournament schedule. For the Club Championship only, golf carts will be required for each player.

 Section B -- Eligibility

       The Championship will be open to members of the Two Rivers Golf Association in good standing, as defined in Article 4, Section E, who have qualified as follows: Have paid their entry fees and played in four (4) regularly scheduled tournaments prior to the Club Championship, and have played in three (3) regularly scheduled tournaments prior to the Club Championship in which an individual score has been posted to their handicap record.

 Article 10 -- Web Site

 TRGA's web address is